I have been wanting some special photos of myself and my daughter Zahra for years but have always felt that I didn’t take a ‘good’ picture but eventually plucked up the courage to ask Alison to take some for us.
It was the best thing I’ve ever done and Alison has finally convinced me that I really do take a ‘good’ picture! The whole afternoon was a lovely, relaxed experience in my own home.
I placed myself in Ali’s hands and she created a whole set of lovely pictures of me, of Zahra, and both of us together. From the moment Alison arrived she gave us the confidence to be ourselves in front of the camera, and gave me one of the best days I’ve ever had with my daughter. I will certainly be having another set done in the near future and I have every confidence that they will be just as beautiful as these!
Thank you Alison, you have a wonderful eye and I can’t recommend you enough.
Dot & Zahra